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function u(t) {
} //

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u(t) is called 60 times per second. t: Elapsed time in seconds. S: Shorthand for Math.sin. C: Shorthand for Math.cos. T: Shorthand for Math.tan. R: Function that generates rgba-strings, usage ex.: R(255, 255, 255, 0.5) c: A 1920x1080 canvas. x: A 2D context for that canvas.
Theme challenge of the month: #fracture
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function u(t) {


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  • u/Xen
    t?0:(a=4e4,j=b=y=917) with(x){z=q=>fillStyle=q,z('#000'),f=fillRect,f(X=0,X,w=2e3,h=1e3),z('#ABCEF123');for(Y=y,J=j;X++<4e3;X^4||(y=Y,j=J))f(X%w,Y=Y-3+6*J/a,9,J/2),f(X%w,J%b,2,9),J=J*b%a}
  • u/rep_movsd
    @Xen - can you post the above as a remix? it seems to have errors - is it a parallax version?
  • u/Xen
    not parallax just mildly golfed sorry
  • u/Xen
    take space before "with" and replace with newline

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