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function u(t) {
} //

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u(t) is called 60 times per second. t: Elapsed time in seconds. S: Shorthand for Math.sin. C: Shorthand for Math.cos. T: Shorthand for Math.tan. R: Function that generates rgba-strings, usage ex.: R(255, 255, 255, 0.5) c: A 1920x1080 canvas. x: A 2D context for that canvas.
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function u(t) {


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  • u/tomxor
    Yup, some of the oldest ones from 2017 are quite impressive and completely ucompressed, although that tag is a bit polluted with serpinski triangles later on.
  • u/rodrigo.siqueira
    Code with 185 characters:
  • u/rodrigo.siqueira
    for(w=44,i=w*w;i--;)T[i*!t]=i%7%2 for(e=[i=w*w];i--;)for(n=0,f=9;f--;n+=T[(~~(i/w)+w+f%3-1)%w*w+(i+w+~~(f/3)-1)%w],e[i]=n==3|n-T[i]==3,x.fillStyle=R(T[i]*i),x.fillRect(i%w*w,i,w,w));T=e
  • u/rodrigo.siqueira
    Code with 185 characteres (previous code not working because comment removed a new line): for(w=44,i=w*w;i--;)T[i*!t]=i%7%2;for(e=[i=w*w];i--;)for(n=0,f=9;f--;n+=T[(~~(i/w)+w+f%3-1)%w*w+(i+w+~~(f/3)-1)%w],e[i]=n==3|n-T[i]==3,x.fillStyle=R(T[i]*i),x.fillRect(i%w*w,i,w,w));T=e

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